Huzhou Master Plan

The project site is a commercial and economic belt near Changdou Port and a gateway to the Huzhou New District and the old city. The extensive development is an extension of the urban plan of the Zhichuang Group and will be a landmark in the Changdong area in the future, representative of the massive growth in the region. The elongated site is organized by three communication nodes that radiate outwards, connecting the entire area and bringing the flow of people to the riverfront of Changdou. The result is a three-core, four belt, and four district business area maximizing the connectivity of the site.

Project Type: International Competition, First Place
Year: 2019
Status: Financing Phase
Location: Bank of Changdou Port in Changdong Area, South Taihu New District, Huzhou
Built Area: 1,351,581 square meters
Height: 50-250 meters
Program: Offices, Shopping, Cultural